The Project

SaidOnce wanted to create a product that allowed users to capture the everday sounds, laughs, and moments and to be able to share and cherish these moments.

My Role

My role for SaidOnce was to turn an idea into a product. From branding to mobile design, I was heavily involved in each step of the way.

The Process


The branding for SaidOnce was a very challenging and fun process. The challenge was to appeal to a wide audience while also conveying what the main purpose of the product was - audio.

Logo Variations


The final logo that was chosen for SaidOnce was one that combined two familair shapes. A quotation mark and audio bars. It's purpose is to convey a sense of memorable audio.


SaidOnce was designed to have a familiar feel. A bottom navigational bar has four sections - listen, record, saved and connections. The record tab was the biggest feature. Once a user navigates to record, they are greeted with a large 'record' button. This is where users can capture audio. It's easily accessible and functional. Once a user has a recording they can then choose to share with whomever they want. This is what creates the community of SaidOnce. Wether they choose to share publicly or to other connections, the audio lives on for others to enjoy and remember.


The Results

SaindOnce is available to download for ios.