The Project

The goal and vision of InSeason was to provide hunters and outdoorsman vital hunting information as quickly and easily as possible. As most hunters know, navigating state websites to look at rules and regulations each season can be cumbersome and time consuming. State laws, land owners and public lands all have their own regulations that can become difficult to understand and ultimately costs hunters their time that could be spent outdoors.

My Role

My role for InSeason was to turn an idea into a product. From branding to mobile design, I was heavily involved in each step of the way.

The Process


The first step in helping InSeason was to establish a brand and identity. InSeason wanted to immediately relate to hunters, outdoorsman and the like. The future for InSeason involves hunting big/small game, migratory birds and fishing. These three focuses were to be conveyed as well.

Logo Variations



The biggest challenge of this app was the complexities around the rules and regulations. Each state is broken into wildlife management units (WMUs). These WMUs can encompass counties, cities, towns, parks, etc. Some states have plotted these WMUs for public access, but most states still rely on a map with these WMUs plotted that are available online or a hunting digest (that you receive once you purchase a license).

Once the data and backend was constructed, the ability to associate a ZIP code to certain WMUs allows the app to only return information that a user is located in. Instead of seeing dozens of WMUs, based on your geo-location, it retrieves data only for the WMUs that lie in your latitude and longitude.

Once the flows for big and small games species were decided the rest of the app was hashed out. This involved a 'home' dashboard view that allowed users to quickly gain entry into the other features of the app. This included - Big Game, Small Game, Weather, Moon Phases, Map and an About section. Below you will see the app in it's entirety.


The final interfaces were designed to appeal to the app's target audience - hunters. Large and bold buttons were adopted. A dark background with the 'blaze' orange was introduced for a familair feel.

The Results

InSeason is still in it's beta phase and will be released into the wild soon! It will be available for ios and android.